Commercial Insurance

At Southeastern Agency Group, we believe that the best way to serve your insurance needs and build a long lasting solid relationship is to specialize in specific industries.

While we are a general insurance agency able to handle any insurance need our customers may have, we firmly believe that we can best protect our customers in the long run by focusing on niche markets and specializing in them.

Our purpose in being experts in these specific industries is three fold.

  1. We can provide better service if we understand not just what you do each day, but how you do it. Relationships are built on service and by knowing the ins and outs of your industry we can serve you better.
  2. We can better protect your business by specializing in your industry. In each of our niche industries we have tailored insurance programs built with the coverage you need to protect you in the long run.
  3. We can provide a better price by creating programs designed for specific industries. We are an independent insurance agency, which gives us the flexibility to find insurance companies that want your business. By aligning our programs with companies that trust our expertise we can find you the best price for the protection you need.

American Mining Program

Whether you have your feet on the ground operating quarry, driving a sand and gravel truck or working deep in a mine, we can help!

Arborist & Landscaping Program

The Landscaping & Tree Service Industry poses some very difficult challenges from a liability and property standpoint.

Artisan Contractors

Construction can be a very tricky industry to insure. We have assembled a group of insurance companies that know exactly how to cover the difficult exposures that contractors face every day.

Assigned Risk Rescue

We specialize in taking companies out of the Assigned Risk Plan and placing them with a standard carrier through our Assigned Risk Rescue Program.

Elite Roofers Program

Roofing as an industry is very unique, and as a result, it has specific liability exposures others do not. The smallest mistake in roofing a home or building can cause catastrophic damage.

Forest Products

Southeastern Agency Group has a team devoted COMPLETELY to the needs of the forest products industry and can work with all aspects of the industry.

General Commercial Insurance

At Southeastern Agency Group we pride ourselves on having the resources and abilities to help protect and build solid relationships with each of our clients.

Horizons Social Services

We understand the challenges companies in this industry face each day and have developed an insurance program designed to protect your business.

Premier Heavy Construction Program

Companies in the Heavy Construction industry pose very difficult challenges from a liability and property standpoint. 

Sustainable Waste Program

The waste and recycling industries are one of the fastest growing sectors of our economy. There are constant changes in regulations in regards to how we dispose or recycle our goods.


The Trucking industry has seen many changes in the last several years. From CSA 2010 to fluctuating gas prices, trucking companies have had to adapt and change constantly.