Assigned Risk Rescue

AssignedRiskThe Assigned Risk Plan is a state funded program that offers workers compensation insurance for any company doing business in NC. The problem with this plan is that it is the most expensive workers compensation insurance in the state.

We have developed a program designed to rescue companies from this state plan and place them directly with insurance companies providing much better service and pricing.

Our program is focused on helping companies that are new in business, have had one or many workers comp claims, or simply helping companies who are with an agency that does not specialize in workers comp.

Along with superior pricing, we offer same day service on certificates of insurance, pay-as-you-go workers comp reporting, and down payments as low as $200. In the past 5 years we have rescued hundreds of companies from the Assigned Risk Plan with experience modifications up to 2.5.

Please call today at 800-432-4863 to speak with one of our workers comp specialists.

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