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Mining 1Mining 3Mining 2The mining industry brings some very unique challenges when it comes to insurance. First and foremost, a lot of it takes place underground.  Whether you have your feet on the ground operating quarry, driving a sand and gravel truck or working deep in a mine, we can help!

Our program is designed to cover the workers compensation, liability, property and business automobile  needs of any company associated with the mining industry.  Our staff is expertly trained in knowing what coverage you need to make sure that you are protected in this difficult line of work.

We work with sand & gravel, gold & silver, coal, clay, copper, shale, rock quarries, limestone, phosphate, bauxite, granite, potash, salt, zinc, marble, dolomite, haulers and any service contractor related to the mining industry.

Call us today and let our staff walk you through our services.  

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